Fashion trends spring summer 2019

Fashion trends spring summer 2019

Spring has arrived with everything and with it grows the number of people interested in knowing what will bomb in fashion and in the windows of the whole country and the world. There are several trends already guaranteed for spring summer 2019 and staying inside all of them will help you build your wardrobe and assemble looks that are your face.

Next, check out the top fashion trends for Spring Summer 2019.

Lavender color is with everything

One of the main trends for spring summer is the lavender color, being able to be present in both clothes and accessories and shoes. It will be possible to find all types of pieces in this tone, ideal for any occasion.

Pastel shades

Together with the lavender color, the pastel shades will take care of the windows of the whole world, composing looks for day to day, for the night and even for the work. The blue and the pink will be along the lavender color as the main of the season, making it more enjoyable. The fabrics should still be very light, helping in the composition of monochromatic looks and that match the season.


Transparency in clothing is a trend that has been working for some years, but for spring summer 2019, the new bet is on transparency also for looks during the day. Whether its dresses, skirts, little monkeys or even T-shirts, this trend can now be seen through the streets of every city.

The skirt with two lengths, the top of which is transparent, will also be very successful.


The ties will be an ornament that can be found in several pieces at this station. The purpose of using this differential is to give more delicacy mainly to womens looks. Therefore, the loop can be found either in the part of the neck, in the waist or in other places of the piece.

90s Chess

The 90s is a fashion that has been used a lot in recent years, but in this season what will gain strength will be the grunge plaid style. Grunge plaid prints can be seen in various pieces, from coats to blazers with shoulder pads, another trend for the season. Flannel shirts can also be found with this type of print.

Now that you know what will be fashionable over the next few months, be prepared to put together your looks.