Fiber nails: How to do, curiosities

Fiber nails: How to do, curiosities

Having long and beautiful nails is not always possible, however much we women take care of our nails they always end up breaking. But not everything is lost, because there are the nails of fiber that stand out by the natural appearance that they provide.

Fiber nails are great for anyone looking for long nails, but in a way that of course is not possible. The fiber nails are great, you can give the shape you want and the best is that the enamel lasts much longer.

How to make fiber nails?

Fiber nails are not at all similar to the false nails, since it consists of a technique that leaves the nails very similar to the nails. The technique consists in the application of fiberglass yarns on the nails, soon afterwards a layer of gel is applied that is hardening. In this way the nails lengthen and end up becoming stronger naturally.

The cool thing is that the lengthening of the nails of fiber are natural and can be molded, even comes a small piece in the right mold to glue on the nail. See the step-by-step process:

1st step? sand the natural nails and leave the surface evenly;

2nd step? apply a layer of anti-fungus to protect the nails;

3rd step? dry the anti-fungus on the nails in an ultra violet light cabin;

Step 4 - apply a layer of gel to the nail;

5th step? glue the glass fibers on the gel;

6th step? the fibers should be glued onto the gel delicately to adhere to the desired shape;

7th step? to dry, the nails should be placed inside the light cabin;

8th step? several layers of gel should be applied to extend over the fiber. To dry it will be necessary to place in the light cabin;

9th step? To finish it is enough to sanding the nails delicately and polishing on top.

Now just apply the enamel in the color you prefer.


- The application of the nail of fiber lasts 3 hours;

- Glass fiber nails fit any nail;

- Fiber nails last up to 30 days;

- Fiber nails are light and transparent.

With this information you already know how to make gel nails, just buy the products and start your new professional career.