How to Care for Lips during Winter

How to Care for Lips during Winter

Winter is a season where everything looks more beautiful. The sunny days seem incredible, the sky seems to turn more blue, and people tend to get more organized, to better face the cold. But for the lips, the coldest days are quite difficult.

Suffering with dry, brittle or even paler lips is common, after all the cold wind usually punishes the skin. Do you know what to do to keep lips moisturized and beautiful during this time? Not? For this text is exactly for you.

We have put together all the tips you need to not show beautiful lips, even with a lot of cold outside.


Just as important as using cosmetic moisturizers is to ensure that your body is well nourished. After all, the lack of fluids in the body helps to dry the skin. Consuming fruits rich in water, such as melon and watermelon, helps to keep hydration always up to date, as well as drink plenty of water, preferably two liters per day.

Remove Makeup

No matter how much the cold of the night gives that laziness and will, when you get home, whether to fall into bed and sleep until the other day, never forget to remove the makeup, because any aggression to the skin, during the winter, may cause small fissures or scaling of the skin of the lips.

To avoid hitting your lips when removing the lipstick, do so with a soft cotton cloth and a two-phase make-up remover. These products are the most recommended because they treat the skin while cleaning because it contains oil in its composition.

Exfoliate the lips

Getting rid of loose skin and dead skin is important to keep lips moisturized and beautiful throughout the winter. A good choice when it comes to exfoliate the lips is to mix a spoonful of honey and half a tablespoon of salt. Apply the mixture in a circular motion and then rinse. There, your lips will be skinned and beautiful.

Protect your lips

In winter, to seal and prevent your body from losing its hydration, use lip balm to finish.

Be careful with the sun

Although some people believe that the winter sun does not do as much harm as the summer, this is not true, after all, the sun, regardless of the season, can dry out the skin. So, during the day, choose lip moisturizers with sunscreen option. Apply the product even on cloudy days.