Protector with base, or base with protector? Know the differences

Protector with base, or base with protector? Know the differences

Surely you have heard of sunscreen with the sunscreen, being extremely suitable for all people, as well as covering imperfections can still help you take care of your skin and prevent damage caused by the suns rays. However, there is also the protector based, you know?

Many people have some doubts about both products, what they are about, what the differences are, and when to use each. Next, well talk about all of this.

On the basis with sunscreen

The base is an indispensable item for many women, being essential for any makeup. The ideal base for your skin will help you to cover imperfections, will help disguise dark circles, and leave the skin with a homogenous coverage. Not to mention that it can also protect the skin from pollution and wind. Those with a protective factor still protect from the sun and help prevent premature aging.

The bases with sunscreen have the same function as the sunscreen itself, giving the same effectiveness in relation to UVB rays. However, it is only recommended that if you are exposed to too much sun, pass a sunscreen underneath, because depending on the amount of base passed, it will not be sufficient for your protection.

About guard with base

The base guard has a major difference from the base guard, which is the cover. The protectors that also act as a base function as skin toners, but they do not cover the imperfections, so it is more suitable for those who want to protect the skin and have a more natural result.

In addition, the sunscreens with color are usually found with few colors in the market. However, on the other hand, it is proven that the protectors based on their formula can deliver a better result in the protection, because the base forms an extra layer of physical protection of the skin.

Main differences between them

On one side we have the protector with base and on the other the base with protector. Now, what will be the main differences between them? By looking at them, you can define which is best for your day to day.

The base guard has a soft cover while the guard base has a more efficient cover. The former does not tend to cover imperfections and blemishes, while the latter fulfills this role very well. The former has few color options, while the latter has several.