Red Hair: Care and Trivia

Red Hair: Care and Trivia

The red hair is up, although red-haired is a privilege, you do not have to mutate to be able to have red hair. Many women are choosing to color their hair and their preferred color is red, or red. But its not that simple, if you think you just have to choose the red color from the ink box, youre wrong to see why.

Red and copper

The red and coppery tones are the most delicate pigments since they are the ones that suffer most from the external factors, which end up damaging the hair and changing the color leaving faded. That is why it is important to take all necessary care to keep red hair always beautiful.

Can all women color their hair red?

Of course, every woman may be redheaded, but it is important to have a certain balance between the skin and the color of the hair. Dark-skinned women are not the most recommended to have red hair as it is very contrasting. Light-skinned women are already the most likely to have red hair, as there is excellent tuning between skin and hair.

Red Hair Care

You who have red hair, whether natural or dyed should be aware of what you can use and what should be avoided, check:

- Avoid using a dryer and a flat iron, as they damage the wires;

- Chlorine, sea and salt dry the threads and fade the color of the hair;

- On sunny days choose to wear a hat to protect your hair;

- Use shampoo and conditioner suitable for dyed hair, they help maintain the color for much longer;

- Give preference to shampoos with low pH.

If you take all of these care, for sure your hair will stay with color for much longer while providing a healthy hair look.

Tonalization or coloring?

It is important to note that only the toner will not leave the hair with the desired red color. To have red hair you need to discolor the hair, unless the hair is light blond. The colors purchased at the supermarket hardly work, so if you want to have perfect red hair go to the beauty salon to leave the color of your dreams.


"Did you know the red color in your hair fades faster?"

- Light skin can opt for shades of red like: red, coppery, intense red;

- Medium skins combine more with shades: golden red, copper and acaju;

- Black or brown skin combines with shades of red such as burgundy, dark wine and reddish brown.

Now that you already know the shades of red choose the one that harmonizes with your skin and change the look.