Trend of colors for the hair during the winter

Trend of colors for the hair during the winter

Winter is coming and with it the colors change and the womens curiosity about what colors to use in changing dyes and how to use these tones to brighten the colder and cloudy days of the season grows.

Are you thinking of painting your hair and looking for a new shade that brings more joy to the winter days? This text is for you. Here, we gather the main trends in the colorations that will make womens heads during the winter season.

Ashy Blonde

Tonality that will make the womens head, the ashy blonde gives a colder effect to the colors. To get to it, the hint is to use blond tones mixed with lighter wicks in a greyish tone.

Gray Platinum Blonde

Tone that was fever there in 2016, the grayish platinum blonde comes back with everything this winter, gaining brown and caramel hues. To adapt well to the cold, the ice blond hair also brings with it gilded or grayish reflections.

Intense black with violet reflection

Women who want to pass on a feeling of intensity, power and strength can bet on the uniform black tones, with violet reflections. The latter helps to illuminate the wires.


Redhead fans already have a color to make all your bets during the winter: burgundy, a mixture of marsala shades and very dark wine. This tonality harmonizes perfectly with dark brown skin. For women who have lighter skin, Burgundy will also do very well, as it creates a striking and rather daring contrast, perfect for colder days.

Rose Gold

Are you looking for a bolder color, different from usual? How about risking the rose gold? This tonality of almost baby rose is delicate and even daring, quite bare but different from Pink Pink. The Rose Gold blends perfectly with women who are already blond and want to lighten their wires subtly.

Hot tones

For those who want to warm the cold days of winter, the bet is the warm tones, like copper honey, coppery golden honey, honey brown and reddish.